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Serving Oakwood and the Northeast Ohio area


MAP Construction was started by accident! Our founders own over 1,000 properties in Ohio, and a big part of that business became acting as general contractors supervising plenty of great roofing, HVAC, plumbers, painters, and other subcontractors and employees that they wanted to continue to keep busy even when there wasn’t major work to do on their own properties. Friends started to ask the founders if they could use those employees for roof repairs, emergency plumbing services, HVAC repair, and other work at their own houses, and the business started!

Because we keep our guys busy and on our payroll, we are able to bid projects – from simple roof cleaning to furnace installation to air conditioning repair to full roof replacement – at much more reasonable prices than the “home runs” we see other contractors get.

With combined over 50 years of experience in the world of real estate and contracting, MAP Construction keeps overhead low and demands the best from their crews to make sure they stay busy, keep your property looking great, and put a fair buck in our pocket. We serve a 35-mile radius of Richmond, OH, which covers all of Cleveland, Akron and most Northeast Ohio suburbs.

If you live in Northeast Ohio and need a new roof, furnace, AC or coat of paint, contact us, and one of our salesmen will come to your home for a FREE no-obligation estimate.