Read Testimonials from Past Roofing and HVAC Customers

August 2015
I was recommended by a friend to call MAP. Great work. Fast. I will definitely hire them again.


July 2015
I was nervous about the expense of replacing my entire roof.  Matt did a great job explaining the ins and outs of the roof to me. After they started the roof, I changed my mind on what color roof I wanted, and even though it cost me a few bucks to get it returned, Matt never complained like other contractors I know would. He just took it in stride and the penalty wasn’t even that big a deal.


May 2015
Not only was MAP the best price I got, but they also financed me. Matt, the salesman, told me that they keep overhead low and don’t put in useless charges to mark things up. At first I was skeptical because of their price, but I’m glad I decided to hire them. Will do so for my other paint projects.

Zack B., Akron

April 2015
Their quality was good and I loved that they financed me. The project I had involved HVAC and roofing, so money was a bit tight. I was able to do both jobs with the down payment equivalent of paying for one job.

Josh R.,